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This months Editor's Comment

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

Ahhh - in London in springtime. Not that you'd know it of course with the usual last minute cold snap keeping our scarves and gloves out of the back of the closet. Putting my head down against the oncoming wind this morning, I trudged to the bus stop wondering where all the daffodils were. (hmm - more positive tones required methinks.)

SO - motivation and rebirth is my theme for this month. Where did that come from? When first thinking of what first came to mind when I thought of April, admittedly (and guiltily) chocolate sprung up first, and easter - and what it is really supposed to be about, sprung up a poor second.

Motivation, because winter has been dragging on for me, with little in view in the way of a respite of sunshine. Work is keeping me busy, as well as study and other projects - and it all had started to make me feel bogged down, with no end of the tunnel in sight.

Then easter sprang to mind, and after I told myself I wasn't going to make myself ill with scoffing chocolate eggs this year (I probably will), I got to thinking about Easter supposedly being about resurrection and rebirth. So I'm going to take history as my inspiration for renewed motivation. Take stock of what I have, instead of what I haven't and make the best of things (hopefully), and plan ahead until the sun shines again.

It does amaze me though, how the seasons really can affect a person. Having grown up in New Zealand I really never thought about the seasonal changes and how much I took the outdoor lifestyle for granted. While I have spent a couple of fantastic years in London, I must admit the greener shores of home (er.. or actually Australia - sorry Mum) are looking more and more inviting. Or, rather, anywhere with a climate more inducive to being outdoors, and warm.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not slating London, and still feel there are a lot of opportunities here; but I'm starting to get those itchy feet I had when I first left New Zealand for the UK. A feeling that there's more to life than the nine to five - particularly when most of my time off is spent indoors avoiding the rain, wind, cold or foot and mouth disease!

So - to battle stations. Tonight I'm going to go home and write down a list of all those niggly things that are beginning to keep me awake nights. Then breaking them down into smaller actionable steps. (My god my father would be smiling down from above if he could hear me waxing lyrical about writing out one of his infamous lists). I'm also going to write another list of all the good things I've got going for me (particularly in the realm of having a fantastic partner, and caring and supportive family and friends surrounding me in my life) - and sticking it right in the middle of my mirror at home so it stares me in the face every morning!

Oh - and I promise to be more light hearted next month! (And probably a few pounds heavier...) ;-)

Cara Talbot - Ed.

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