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Editor's Comment

When I first began building this site, I wanted it to be a place where friends and family could come to for a laugh, or a chat, to catch up on the latest goss, find out who was where - doing what. I wanted to bridge the miles that keep us apart from our nearest and dearest, and to help alleviate the sense of distance we sometimes feel when we can't be with those we love.

You'll notice a new section this month, called 'Loved and Gone', which is a particularly special area for me. Here I have placed a memoir of my father as the first entry to what I hope will be an area that will provide solace to those of us who have lost someone closest to our hearts, and yet are still remembered with each day that passes.

Sooner or later, all of us must face a loss - be it that of a loved one, a relationship breakup or the loss of a dream. I recently have had to face the possibility of a loss of my own, and like many, found myself struggling between the easy route of wallowing in recriminations and bitter regret, or the harder path, of taking what you can from the loss, learning from those recriminations that keep us awake nights - trying not to become that one person that everyone knows, that spend their life bemoaning the same woes onto the world.

In my own observations this year, watching those around me go through their own trials and tribulations, one thing always seemed to stand out to me. No matter how we may be surrounded by supportive friends and family, (if we are some of the lucky ones), when adversity hits, we all feel we are alone. For me, communication is the most precious, yet also the most difficult of the attributes we hold as human beings. A kind word, a hug or the stroke of a caring hand can create such a myriad of emotions in a single moment - and yet often, when we need to give most, we are often caught up in our own maelstrom of problems. I look back on past years, and hope I have been a good friend, sister, daughter, and partner to those who have shared in my life. I note (with a touch of shame) that this has not always been the case, and for those I have let down, I sincerely apologise, and only hope that I have strived to become a better person for it.

Someone once told me that we need adversity and sadness in our lives to be able to appreciate the good times. That may be so, but were I to have the chance to wipe the slate clean of all the hurts I have inadvertently dealt with my imperfect hand throughout my life, I would not hesitate.

Cara Talbot

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

- Arthur Ashe

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