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Editor's Comment - February 2001

"Time is like an addiction, you always want more." - Scott Ishman

February – the newness of the year gives way to the general buckling down to making this year a productive and successful one all round. New Year’s resolutions haven’t faded entirely from view yet. Back at classes (haven’t skipped one yet!), the Chinese cooking is coming along, although admittedly a lot by trial and error! Business plans are screaming along, and the launch of a new site has been brought forward to the end of March. Stay tuned for highlights coming soon…

Taking advantage of winter flight specials Brad and I are winging off to Sardinia weekend after next for a quick break, while busily cementing an itinerary for our three week holiday at Easter in the Northern Territories of Australia. Of course, in between all this we’re busy at work – the shock of being back tempered a little by staring glassily out our windows at the snowflakes drifting by.

Valentines Day is just around the corner of course – the marketing machinery is already in full swing in London, with all of Oxford Street draped in Red Hearts, and fluffy toys crowding the window displays. Although it wasn’t this that had me in town shopping yesterday, but popping into Baby Gap – as my best friend from university days is due to have her first baby in March! Although I’ve had cousins and family friends all have children, I think it feels particularly special this time around. It feels a little more close to home. Currently childless, it makes me wonder what it would feel like – how scared/happy/nervous you’d be, and what an incredible experience to be a part of.

I must admit that I was more than a little in awe when looking at the little outfits in-store, picking them up as if made of tissue paper – and marveling at how tiny they were. Hardest most to believe that the girl I used to go pubbing with and staying out until all hours is going to become a Mum! (Although not so hard once receiving her latest email – there was a gorgeous photo shown of her standing in her snow-covered garden – seven months pregnant!)

With that and other friends tying the knot a few weeks ago – it’s been a very reflective month. No matter how busy we are, no matter how much we wish to slow the passage of time, it appears to whisk on by regardless. Therein lies the catch-22… to get every last bit of enjoyment out of our short lives while we are able – while at the same time realizing that the busier we are, the quicker time seems to disappear on us.

I think I’ll be happy so long as I live a life of little regret.

Best wishes for everyone in 2001 -Ed.

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