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This months Editor's Comment

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.” - Unknown

A topic close to my mind at the moment. How do you figure out when is the best time to move on? Or to stick with what you have? Obviously this can apply to many aspects of life; your relationship, hobby or personal project, religion, study or relating to employment. My dilemma at the moment relates to my career, but the arguments flowing backwards and forwards between the two little men that sit on either shoulder whispering in my ear – could apply for any of the situations above.

I think we all realize when the time has come for a change. The feelings represent themselves as a feeling of uneasiness, or of feeling unsatisfied, or we may have a related problem, which can only be resolved by making a change in another area of our lives.

Where I get stuck; is not knowing that I have to make the change - but when. Timing becomes all critical, and the sticking point between knowing if you’re going to make a successful change, or a bad one. Kind of like being paralysed by oncoming headlights!

For a number of reasons, it has become necessary for me to change my employment. I have a deadline of sorts – that if I don’t meet could have not so pleasant results.

So – finding another job. Not too much of a drama in the scheme of things - yet what if the job you’re after isn’t simply sitting there waiting to be snapped up? Do I wait – and risk increasing my problems if I miss my deadline; or do I take what is currently on offer? A good job, and package, but not the best career move?

Take the short-term quick fix – or bite your nails to the quik in the hope of finding a better long-term solution?

For the time being I think I’ll hold out for as long as my courage lasts – hopefully a strong enough gust of wind will shortly blow me off this fence I’m currently perching on and take the decision out of my hands.

Wish me luck….

Cara Talbot - Ed.

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