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This months Editor's Comment

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” - Kobi Yamada

For May, I thought I’d blather on a bit about realising your dreams and sending out heartfelt “thank you’s” to all those that helped me to realise one of mine. This month I have quiet pride in realising a dream I’ve harboured for over two years – and do go from being a chronic procrastinator in my earlier years to having succeeding where I previously thought I couldn’t – well, it feels wonderful.

Like most travellers that move to the UK either temporarily or permanently to see a bit of the world and perhaps work on their careers as well – I suffered many of the same pitfalls in resettling in London as my friends. Coming to grips with living in any new society is not always smooth sailing, and like many others I would find myself tripping up from time to time as I learned the hard way how certain things operated differently from home.

Being a fan of the Internet, I looked for a site that offered practical, friendly and above all, free advice on resettling in the UK. Specifically, I wanted advice that went beyond the basics of ‘this is a black cab’ and ‘our buses are double decked and red’. Someone that could explain National Insurance and UK Taxation regulations to me in plain English, and how to deal with letting agents and minicab drivers without getting ripped off!

Yet I couldn’t find anything. Absolutely amazing! So the old cogs started turning, and whilst when I first arrived in the UK I knew absolutely zero about web design or starting a new business, the idea kept niggling away.

On April 23rd 2001, with the help of some very good (and patient!) friends and loved ones, was launched. It has only been a week, and already I have been overwhelmed with warm and positive emails from travellers here in the UK, but also from as far afield as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the United States. Thank you for your praise, your suggestions, your feedback, and for joining our new ‘home away from home’ community here in the UK.

So for those that have always had a deep rooted, and very private dream – perhaps it’s something only you know about - start thinking about taking that first tiny step. You will be amazed at how things will fall together with a minimum of effort; how you will find determination you never thought you had when times may get rough; and how spectacularly liberated and strong it can make you feel when you succeed.

Only you can realise your dreams. Best of luck!

Cara Talbot - Ed.

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