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October Editor's Comment

… and September just flew on by…

October already! A very hectic month last month, although I managed to take my own advice and organise a week of Quality Time for myself in Northern Wales. Loads of hiking, mountain biking, fresh air and nothing but the odd four legged woolly friend to keep me company.

I learnt something that (I think) was pretty amazing last week on this self-imposed ‘journey of enlightenment’. When I finally got there, out in the remote countryside, and installed my self in my stone cottage – that I didn’t know what to do with myself! There I was, having gotton all I’d wished for… peace and quiet, aloneness, no TV or radio, no interruptions, and I have to say that I found the silence deafening. Be careful what you wish for and all that. : )

Thankfully, that feeling only persisted for the first night there, and then it was replaced by the deliciously dawning sensation that I had before me a whole week… a whole week mind you… of doing EXACTLY what I wanted, WHEN I wanted and HOW I wanted. Oh the bliss. Admittedly there were times when I sorely missed friends and family, not to mention my ‘significant other’, but all in all I think of it as the best spent week I have had in many months. I lost count of how many times I let out an unconscious sigh of utter contentment.

So now I have returned to the busy hustle and bustle of London. First morning back on the rush hour trains to work this morning, and I am smiling instead of frowning at the tense pushings and shovings that are customary with each morning’s commute. In all seriousness, I am now contemplating making this type of holiday an annual thing. Not necessarily to traipse all the way to another country to find peace and solitude (!), but to take a week out of each year, close myself off from the usual commitments and responsibilities, and to really take time out to do my favourite things, take stock of my life and make plans, and give my soul a well deserved rest. It really does wonders. Try it… you'll be amazed to learn that you’re a half decent person to hang out with after all!

Cara Talbot - Ed.

"As long as the mind is seeking to fill itself, it will always be empty. When the mind is no longer concerned with filling its own emptiness, then only does that emptiness cease to be."

- J. Krishnamurti

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