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WHAT'S NEW... is updating and adding new features all the time so we hope you'll come back to visit. Below is a summary of what's new, and what you can expect to see over the ensuing months!

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This Month


Mum has recently rediscovered family information my father had gathered together quite a few years ago now, along with a few other titbits - and I received them in the post last month. It fills in a lot of gaps within the family tree - so we will endeavour to get this published for viewing this month.

She also sent over information about the Dixon clan (on my mother's side of the family) - and we'll add this to the historical immigration history to New Zealand and something great for you all to look at in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!

If you think you have any relevant information to share, please email us at

As an update on our sister site - traffic has been steadily increasing from week to week so we must be doing something right! Keep a look out over the next fortnight for the snazzed up look of the site for easier viewing by all.

For all those planning a trip to the UK, either temporarily or permanently this is the site to get all the practical information and qualified advice for readjusting to life in the UK. We already have very active messages boards which are proving to be a lot of fun - and have over 200 members for our weekly newsletter already! Got you curious? Check us out for information, fun and more at - see you there!

In the meantime, yes, we are still planning a relaunch of The for later in the year - stay tuned for full details...

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The Geneology section is also beginning to grow it's branches as we begin to trace back our ancestral roots. Regular updates of this area will occur as information becomes available. If you think your family might be linked with ours, please contact us at Thanks!