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Cara Lee Talbot

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The Facts:

Name: Cara Lee Talbot
Birthdate: 01/11/1971
Born: Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Occupation: Quality Manager

Mother: Gaynor Kaye Talbot
Father: Selwyn Gordon Boyd Talbot
Siblings: Brett Kingsley Talbot
Lauren Gay Talbot

For laughs:

Personal Interests?
Reading, Films, Writing, Tramping, 'Gymming' and travelling.

What's your idea of heaven?
A tin of baked beans and a spoon, after a big night out and a bad case of the munchies...

You're idea of hell?
Being stuck in London without a job...

Favourite junk food?
Haribo sweets

What are you reading at the moment?
'Romancing Mary Jane' by Micheale Poole - "An informative and fascinating memoir by a self-professed cannabis criminal, a filmmaker who abandoned a successful career to join a vibrant culture on the raincoast." WADE DAVIS

Favourite Web page?
The of course!

What would your perfect holiday be?
Being on a gorgeous remote island (not unlike the one from the Beach...). with my significant other, a thatched hut over the water (with all the amenities of course - I'm not a savage!), mini catamaran, windsurfer, vollyball net and ball; no phones, fax, computers of any way, shape or form; no planes flying overhead, maybe a couple of good friends (with their own huts!!), a radio - oh, and a chef. Yes, I've thought about this a LOT... boy, could I go on... (sigh)

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