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Wayne King Dixon

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The Facts:

Birthdate: 06/02/47
Born: Dunedin, New Zealand
Currently: Riverton, New Zealand
Occupation: School Principal
Spouse: Norma Kay

Kirsten Jane 22/07/73
Steven King 25/08/76

Mother: Stella McNaught (nee Ward)
25/04/1915 (the real ANZAC day) to 1981
occupation: Housewife

Father: Keith Arnold Dixon
1908 - 1959
occupation: Company Manager

Stepfather: Robert Simpson McNaught
1908 - 2000
Occupation: Electrician

For laughs:

Personal Interests?
Golf, Fishing, Gardening, Reading, armchair critic of most sport

What's your idea of heaven?
A flat sea on a hot day with fish biting and good company.

You're idea of hell?
Having to pay to watch synchronized swimming.

Favourite junk food?
40c packets of instant noodles

What would your perfect holiday be?
Probably a book on a beach somewhere hot.

Help us to build our tree....

Anyone that has ever undertaken to build
their family tree, will have some
understanding of what an arduous task
this is. If you have any information
that could help, please send it to
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