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Lauren Gay Talbot


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The Facts:

Name: Lauren Gaye Talbot
Born: Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Occupation: Project Analyst

Mother: Gaynor Kaye Talbot
Father: Selwyn Gordon Boyd Talbot
Siblings: Brett Kingsley Talbot
Cara Lee Talbot

For laughs:

Personal Interests?
Gymming, travelling, tramping and kayaking (when I get the chance!)

What's your idea of heaven?
Sitting on a tropical Island with everything your heart desires (sounds a bit cliche' I know)

You're idea of hell?
Being stuck in a tube in the Underground, at rush hour, squashed in amongst a whole lot of smelly armpits (I'm a short person)

Favourite junk food?
Sweet and Sour
hot chip sandwich with tomato sauce or Murphy's Thick Cut Sour Cream and Chives Chips (yum,yum) (only available in NZ).

What are you reading at the moment?
"Backpack" by Emily Bar

Favourite Web page?
The of course! (Editor's license!!)

What would your perfect holiday be?
Anything Adventure Tourism related: going somewhere unknown and not populated with tourists.

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understanding of what an arduous task
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