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Talbot Family - Known History

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Known Facts... (last updated 2nd Nov 2003)


DANIEL TALBOT, (born 1820 - March 15, 1883) from Moreton Pinkey, Northhamptonshire. Married Mary Shepherd (born 1816, died Nov 10, 1888, aged 72) in 1839, in Corsham, Wiltshire, England. Mary is buried in Motueka Public Cemetery, Nelson, New Zealand.

Daniel and Mary emigrated to NZ with six children on the Emma Colvin, arriving Nelson 3 June 1856, and settled in Motueka.

One of the children of Daniel Talbot/Mary Shepherd was HENRY TALBOT (born 1839, died August 17, 1893.) a shoemaker.

He married Sarah Ann Chant, (born 1846 and died June 23, 1925) on June 26, 1867, in Havelock.

They had 8 children:

CECIL ROBERT TALBOT, (born 1877, died April 28, 1968) who married Elsie Eveline (born 1900, died March 6 1967). Elsie is buried in Marsden Valley Cemetery, Nelson.

SARAH (CLARA) EMILY TALBOT, b 1868, married Herbert Charles Constable, March 1893, he was born 1868.

EDITH MINNIE TALBOT, b 1869, married Frank Drake, Sept 1893, he was born 1868.

FREDERICK HENRY TALBOT, b 1870, d Sept 2 1949, married Emma Duncan Sept 1892. She was born 1871, d June 3 1964

ROSINA ELLEN TALBOT, b 1872, married Joseph William Duncan, Nov 1897, he was born 1871

FRANCIS MIRIAM TALBOT, b 1873, married Duncan John Goodall, April 1893, he was born 1869

ALFRED MANSON TALBOT b Jan 1875, d Oct 8, 1875, aged 10 months

DANIEL WILLIS TALBOT, b 1878, d March 23, 1953, married Amy Mary Slater, South Africa.



Another of Daniel and Mary's children was also named Daniel,
b. 1842, d. 24.9.1908, married to Jane Amelia Francois in 1864.

They had 10 children, the ninth being Arthur Edward, b. 1884 d. 21.1.1925. He married an Australian woman, Rose Little in Wellington in 1911. They gave birth to children, one of which was Arthur Edward, who was born in Wellington in 1912. Bruce Talbot, their son was born in Wellington in 1939.


CECIL ROBERT TALBOT - He married for the second time a Mina Caroline Hartwig, of German descent.

Children from Mina and Cecil, were ROY TALBOT (born 1903, died October 21 1973)
and MAXWELL TALBOT (my Papa!) (born 1906 - )

Roy and his wife Frances Ann (Babs) had three children:
PATRICIA DAWN TALBOT married Keith Prendeville
BRIAN ROBERT TALBOT married Olive Cecy

Max (MAXWELL) TALBOT married Edna Gwendoline Boyd Goodman, and they had:
SELWYN GORDON BOYD TALBOT (my Dad). (Further information can be found on these people via their individual name links in the Geneology section.


GEOFFREY DUNBAR TALBOT b 1906? at the Swan Hotel Motueka, d 1963

DANIEL TALBOT was licensee of the Swan
in 1862.

SARAH ANNE BOYCE was licensee of the Swan
until 1905 when Geoffrey's father Daniel - took it over. G.D.T.
took over the license in 1933.

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