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Salmon Pie

One of my favourites...


one medium onion (sliced)
1 300gm tin pink salmon
2-3 boiled eggs
5 med/lge potatoes
1 tin creamed corn (in the UK you will have to buy this from the NZ or Australia shop!!)


1. Boil the pototoes, and mash with butter, milk, pepper and salt to taste once cooked. (Hint: add the eggs to cook in the same boiling water to conserve energy!)
2. Slice and cook the onion until softened.
3. Drain the salmon and add to the potatoes along with the onions and corn. Mix thoroughly.
4. Slice the hardboiled eggs and add to the remainder of ingredients, stirring in gently.
5. Place in an oven proof dish and bake in a medium oven until heated through.
6. Serve piping hot with fresh buttered bread.

Serving Size:

4 people

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