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Whitebait Fritters

Once a year my father would go whitebaiting with my Grandfather off the coast of Nelson... then Mum would turn the rewards into these tasty fritters!


4-5 eggs (1 per person)
500gm whitebait
salt and pepper to season


1. Rinse the whitebait in fresh water and set aside.
2. Separate the eggs and beat the whites until stiff. Beat the yolks with a fork, and add to the whites, folding in gently to hold the fluffiness of the mixture.
3. Add the whitebait, pepper and salt to the mix, again folding in gently.
4. Add spoonfuls of the mix to a pre-heated (hot) frying pan, and fry until golden brown.
5. Serve with a squeeze of lemon, fresh salad, new potatoes (or potatoe salad) and crusty bread.

Serving Size:

Approx 4 to 5 fritters per person...

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