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London. Busy, over-crowded, generally overcast and teeming with life. Whether itís the lavish show spectaculars, or the quirkier off west end theatres that takes your fancy. Maybe itís walks in beautifully serene meadows, and the gently rolling hills of the English countryside surrounding the city; or spending the afternoon with your favourite book in Hyde Park. It might be sharing a cider with friends by the fireside in the middle of winter at your local tavern; or raving the night away in a London nightclub Ė the city of London has it all.

With itís bustling commercial city life, and a ethnicity of population that spans most continents, London is truly the most diverse of cities, an opportunistís dream and a place where only the positive will thrive. For every positive aspect of the city, however, there is always a negative, and I have found that people will either have an instant love of the possibilities the city holds, or a hate of what they perceive it holds from them.

Regardless of how long you plan to stay, immerse yourself in all London has to offer. Nowhere else in the world will you have such an opportunity to savour so much in one city. Culture overflows here, and you will find people, restaurants, art, theatres and areas to suit all of Londonís diverse personalities, persuasions and styles. For the budget conscious, visit the Camden or Portobello Road Markets Ė spend an hour in the new Modern Tate Gallery, or the Museum off Trafalgar Square (free admission); take a stroll though one of many city parks. Have a coffee in one of the outdoor cafes surrounding Leicester Square and soak up the atmosphere. Walk along the Thames from the Embankment, take a peek at artists and peddlers along the sidewalks Ė even the exterior of Big Ben and Westminster Abby are well worth a look, and most of the key tourist spots from here are within walking distance (to Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Soho, Piccadilly, Buckingham Palace) or a short tube ride away. Wandering through Harrods is an experience in itself, although I would advise against this during the weeks that lead up to Christmas, as you are more likely to get annoyed by the crushing, heaving throngs of people than you are to be enchanted by the lavish store itself.

For more information on what there is to see and do around London, how to get there and what itís likely to cost check out the links below. Happy snapping!

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